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The use of this turtle story is my way of illustrating the importance of everyday interactions among humans. Strong inter-group and interpersonal relationships are built through effective communication strategies and help maintain stability when humans try to live in harmony. Just as the older parts of the earth are less likely to have earthquakes, human relationships that can stand the test of time will have a better chance of withstanding changes in the human topography.

Long ago, when most of the world was water, Great Spirit decided to make a beautiful land with lakes and rivers that turtles carried on their backs. One day the turtles began to argue and three of the turtles began to swim towards the rising sun while three began to swim towards the setting sun. The earth shook! It cracked with a loud noise. The turtles could not swim far, because the land on their backs was heavy. When they saw that they could not swim far enough to get away from each other they stopped arguing and made up. But every once in a while, the turtles that hold up the earth, argue again, and each time they do the earth shakes.

Legend of the Gabrielaino Indians of Southern California. Accessed from:


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